5’ish ways to care for Crazy Horse Leather


5’ish ways to care for Crazy Horse Leather

We often get asked what is Crazy Horse? How it got it’s name perhaps unsurprisingly is due to it being first used for riding saddles. 0 points if you guessed it was Horse Skin Leather.

Crazy Horse Leather is a wonderful material to work with and use on a day basis. Flexible and durable it ages beautiful and is very easy to care for:

When you get it wet: Just wipe it down with a cloth – How easy is that!? Refrain from using a hairdryer or radiator as you can unevenly heat and warp the leather. Brushes should also be avoided as they can scar the hide. 

When you spill something on it: Just wipe it down with a cloth… A damp one this time. Try not to use detergents or chemicals as you may damage or lighten/darken the leather.

There are little scratches i want to get rid of: You guessed it! It’s time for your old friend Mr. Cloth. This time dry, rub the scratches in a circular motion. In my opinion the scratching and stuffing of leather lends character to your item. The way you use it and the marks you leave make it unique, just like you. So I’m all for ageing along with my leather.

How do I ensure it lasts a lifetime?: Natural Leather creams and waxes are the way to go! Avoid chemicals or sprays.  

Final nugget of advise: Leather stretches and loosens over time, take some time to decide what you want to keep inside your item.

Overstuffing pockets just like overstuffing at mealtime can lead to a saggy appearance, trust me I’m speaking from experience! 

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