company profile.

nobrand custom is a leading ethical ­­­­manufacturer of high-quality leather, bio plant based leather and canvas handbags, accessories and shoes. Headquartered in the UK, our production facility is in a Spanish region renowned for expert leatherwork dating back to the 18th century. Founded in 2018 nobrand custom has since established a reputation for producing exceptional products and delivering outstanding service.

At nobrand custom we specialise in providing custom goods to businesses and brands in a wide range of industries, including fashion, retail, and ad agency.  Our team of experienced designers, project managers and craftspeople work together to create goods that are stylish, functional, and tailored to specific client needs.

We are committed to sustainability, ethical manufacturing and sourcing, and we take great care to ensure that all of our materials are sourced from environmentally friendly and humanely managed suppliers. Click here for more information.

We offer a full range of production services, including product development, prototyping, manufacturing, and logistics.  Our team works closely with clients to ensure that each item is produced to the highest possible standard.

We understand the importance of meeting tight deadlines and delivering on time.  That’s why we believe in constant communication and have established a robust production process.

Whether you’re looking to launch a new fashion bag line, produce high-quality promotional products, or source white label goods for your retail business, nobrand custom is the partner you can rely on to deliver what you need, on time and on budget.

white label.
We offer a curated range of white label goods that can be tailored to your brand goals.  From material type to colour, closures, stitching, hardware and logos we’ll modify our in-house designs to your brief.

Our range includes:

Wallets & purses.Passport holders.Laptop sleeves & cases.
Totes.Book covers.Golf accessories.
Clutches.Folios.Wine/whisky carriers.

private label.
Working to your design specifications we’ll bring your item to life. As one of a handful of manufacturers worldwide experienced in the use of bio plant-based leather such as Pinatex, Viridis and Vegea the list below encompasses these new and exciting materials.

Our expertise include:

Fashion bags/handbags.Overnight bags.Shoes.
Totes.Travel accessories.Trainers.
Wallets & purses.Passport holders.Laptop sleeves & cases.
Luggage.Book covers.Luxury sporting bags.
Clutches.Folios.Wine/whisky carriers.

materials and sourcing.
We have a wide network of sustainable, certified European suppliers from whom we source the best available materials for your project.  Should you require strict eco standards we can offer options that meet certified, quantifiable and verifiable standards.

Our material expertise include:

Leather in all its forms.Materials formed from recycled plastics.  Recycled synthetic fibre fabrics.
Bio plant-based material.  Vegan leather.Cotton and linen.

If your project requires custom made material such as leather/bio-leather in a particular texture, print or pantone we can arrange it, subject to minimum order quantities.

Click here to see more about our ethically sourced materials.

hardware, logos, print and embroidery.
We work closely with excellent local partners that provide expertise in the following:

  1. Branded or unbranded custom hardware creation including:
Logos.Snap closures.Locks.
D rings.Clips.Handles.
Magnetic closures.Zips.Studs.
  • Embroidery of leather, canvas and other materials.

  • Printing on leather, canvas and other materials.

  • Deboss/emboss stamps and moulds.

    We are happy to aid in design and specification where appropriate and implement your chosen options.

minimum quantities and capacity.
We’re start-up friendly, our minimum orders start from just 100 units for private label goods. And only 50 for white label goods.

nobrand custom
specialises in premium quality handbags, accessories, shoes and small leather goods. We produce a diverse range of quality products. As such our capacity is dependent on the details of the item/items you wish to produce. Generally speaking, we can produce anywhere from 500-8,000 units per month depending on the variables. To get a more detailed or item specific information please get in contact with us.

equipment & technologies.
We keep at the forefront of innovations in the industry. Our equipment and systems are modern, maintained and where necessary best in class. But that means nothing without a fantastic team of dedicated artisans, designers, pattern makers and support staff. We take pride in our ability to blend efficient modern methods with time honored craftsmanship to produce real quality that lasts. There are no machines that can replicate the quality of some manual techniques honed over hundreds of years of leather craft. With nobrand custom you get the best of both.

management & ownership.
nobrand custom is independently owned and operated.  We are committed to providing the best possible service and product within our ethical framework.  We believe that if we are to make something, we should make it well.  We love working with people and brands who, like us, want to add something good to the world.