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    an intro to White Label.

    nobrand custom. is a British company with European workshops specialising in the creation of outstanding leather goods. Work with our experienced team to modify an extensive range of predesigned premium leather goods to suit your target audience.

    what can we make?

    All our goods are made in-house, by us, in Europe.

    Our only limitations are the properties of the chosen materials and the budget of our client.

    Each item is expertly made and thoroughly checked before it leaves our workshop. It’s our guiding principle to deliver exceptional quality at reasonable prices.

    slim passport holder


    embroidery & print.

    We use state of the art printing and embroidery equipment to ensure that your design looks incredible and lasts.


    In the finest traditions of handmade atelier we manufacture a metal stamp of your logo/ wording. This is then heated to 160c / 325f and hand stamped into the leather to ensure a lifetime of visibility

    custom hardware.

    If your company has existing custom hardware we can implement this for you. If you are ordering new hardware or need help sourcing good quality fittings we are happy to assist.

    our leather.

    Our in house selection is 100% top grain premium leather and we carry 8 colours as standard.

    We work closely with a number of excellent tanneries. Should you project require a specific leather type/ colour we are able to source it quickly.

    For larger orders we have the ability to create unique colours specific to your project, for more details please do ask.

    two options.

    handmade, machine stitched.

    Hand cut and hand finished, but stitched together with a special sewing machine. This allows us to complete large orders in a smaller timeframe.

    leather cup sleeve
    100% Handmade.

    Hand cut, hand stitched and hand finished. Waxed thread 3X stronger than machine thread. Great for the longevity of an item, particularly luggage.

    always ethical.

    We have a strong ethical compass that guides us in all aspects of our work. The leather we use is a by-product of the meat industry. We don’t work with exotic skins of any kind. We carefully source all our materials to ensure they are obtained from partners who practice responsible and sustainable manufacturing standards. We understand that different projects have unique goals and we always work to be as flexible as possible within our ethical framework to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

    Our team means the world to us. We ensure that everyone is paid fairly, that our working environment is clean and safe and that all social and environmental aspects of production are considered. We are an equal opportunity employer.

    in summary.

    We supply amazing brands with the custom leather goods they deserve. We are a British company with European workshops producing truly premium products that wow for our clients around the world.

    Shipped worldwide from continental Europe we partner companies across the US, Asia, Russia, UAE, Brazil and the EU

    Choose to create something beautiful with nobrand. because the only ‘brand’ that matters is yours.

    cup sleeve