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Everything at nobrand. is made from scratch just for you. It’s just what we do, you are the boss and we encourage experimentation. Choose your leather or a combination of leathers, choose your stitching, decide on a closure or no closure at all. Then for the final flourish put your name on it: Type in your 15 characters or send us a logo*

Our embossing process.

In the finest traditions of handmade atelier we manufacture a metal stamp of your logo or wording. This is then heated to 160c / 325f and hand stamped into the leather to ensure it is visible for a lifetime.

A note on stitching.

Everything you order from nobrand. is painstakingly hand-stitched. Some may say we are crazy but there is method in our madness. 
For example if this beautiful duffel were machine stitched it would take 1.5 – 2 hours. By hand it takes over 6 hours. What you gain by this process is a completely unique and beautiful example of craftsmanship, but perhaps more importantly; the thicker thread and sewing process means the stitching is more than x3 stronger than machined items. Especially important in baggage.

*to request a logo in place of wording please email a black and white vector file of your logo quoting your order number to info@nobrandcustom.com

custom duffel bag