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What is a Leather Anniversary and What to buy?


leather anniversary ideas

The 3rd wedding anniversary is most popularly known as leather anniversary as it symbolizes durability as well as the flexibility of a marriage. You have sustained three years in a row with your partner in a beautiful bond that you would like to cherish your whole life. This is a great reason to exchange a long-lasting gift just like your bond.

Leather also symbolizes that you are safe and protected in your marriage just like the properties of the leather itself. You keep each other safe, just like leather keeps your belongings safe.

Here are some great third-anniversary leather gift ideas that will be adored by your spouse.

A Leather Journal:

If your spouse has a flair for writing and he or she loves to keep notes, then a leather-bound journal or a notebook would be a great gift. You can replace the dairy and use the cover year after year.

Laptop Bag:

Have your spouse carry their laptop in style to work. Leather messenger bags are long-lasting, they keep your expensive gadgets safe and all in one place. If you condition and care for it well, it will last you a lifetime.

Couple’s Bracelets:

For the couples who are madly and deeply in love. So much so that they love the idea of matching accessories the idea of couple’s bracelet is perfect. They are unisex, you can customize them to say anything, or have your initials or date for the wedding.

Leather jackets:

There is nothing thoughtful than leather, and when it’s a leather biker jacket, there is nothing cooler as well. The best part of having a leather jacket, it never gets old, and it never goes out of fashion.

Leather Earrings:

If your wife is a fashion queen and love to stay in style all the time, she will adore a set of leather earrings. They are in fashion and have been seen on the runways of New York as well as Paris.

Leather Straps:

You can adjust a leather strap anywhere, to make it extra special you can get it customized to spell out the name of your spouse. Guitar strap, camera strap or a watch strap, all of them are thoughtful as well as extremely practical.

Necklace:Again, a unisex gift that can be worn by both. Leather is pretty flexible and supple which is why you can have a whole leather necklace or a cord or pendant made out of leather. Stylish and exotic at the same time, can also be customized.

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