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What are the different types of leather and what are they used for?


Ever since humankind began discovering the various varieties of animal hides and manmade leathers, the processes of natural and artificial manufacturing introduced several varieties of leathers. These varieties feature a unique set of properties and textures, along with different uses. In this article, we will walk you through the different types of leather and their various uses.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Full Grain Leather

Full grain leather is the least processed kind of leather with a rare smell and features that make it highly covetable in furniture and upholstery. It has a powerful and long-lasting texture that only continues to enhance over the years as a graceful patina takes over full grain leather to add to its beauty. Needless to say, it is the most expensive kind of leather, used for creating high-end luxury products.

 Split Leather

Split leather is produced by splitting up animal hide to give it more utility, and upon taking off the original cover of the animal hide, slit leather is creating by embossing or buffing to make artificial textures. Split leather tends to be thinner and cheaper and is used for multiple products, including clothing, furniture and more.

Suede Leather

Suede leather is creating by buffing up split leather from both sides to give it a smooth, soft and fuzzy texture. Suede leather has a soft texture that is pleasant and enjoyable, making it a covetable choice for jackets, shoes and other clothing items. However, suede leather does tend to compromise on durability and it is important to look for fine quality.

Bonded or Regenerated Leather

Bonded leather is created through a rigorous process of manufacturing and compressing to infuse it with a fine quality texture and durable strength. This process allows manufacturers to turn low quality original animal hides and even scraps of leathers into smooth and fine quality textures. These are used to refurbish restaurants, bars, and other fixtures and furniture.

Faux Leather

Faux or artificial leather is manufactured from synthetic materials to give it a leather-like texture, and the quality usually depends on the manufacturing processes. While some faux leather varieties tend to be very durable and enduring despite the ravages of time, some tend to wither away after a short while. However, faux leather has emerged as a popular trend given the popularity of the vegan fashion movement, and it is increasingly being incorporated into clothing, accessories and home décor.

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