Shopper’s Dilemmas: Mass Produced Vs Handmade Leather Accessories


The fashion industry has turned into a mass production unit that is churning out poor quality bargains that often distract people from choosing fine quality products. While exquisitely handmade leather products tend to be expensive, they are always worth the investment for a wide range of reasons.

Let’s explore a comparison between mass produced and handmade leather accessories:

More Durable

It simply goes without saying that the longevity and durability of fine quality leather stands out and speaks for itself. A mass produced product that may seem appealing and attractive on first-glance is highly likely to fall apart in two months’ time. Hand-stitched leather accessories and clothing items last an entire lifetime and maintain their finesse and quality despite years and years of rough use. Naturally, leather goods that are intricately crafted and tailored are more durable against wear and tear, and provide a promising investment worth your money.

A Symbol of Luxury

For centuries, carefully handcrafted and exquisitely tailored leather goods have been a symbol of luxury and class as far as history can retrace the innovations of fashion. Be it the pompous French society, the lavishes of the English court, or modern day Paris, hand stitched leather accessories, fixtures, refurbishments and clothing items will garner you applause for your fine taste. Mass produced goods are likely to pop up in the crowd everywhere you go, but a hand stitched leather accessory will make you stand out in the crowd and look a class apart!

Fine Quality

Mass produced products are usually made in batches in factories and little attention is devoted to the tiny details that make a product durable and versatile. With hand stitched products that is not the case, because each product is treated like a work of art and a great deal of attention is devoted to each and every aspect of the design. When you bring home a hand stitched product, it will add beauty to its surroundings and remind you of its fine quality and handiwork with every glance. Quality always speaks for itself.

Quality over Quantity

When it comes to making the difficult choice between mass produced and handmade leather goods, we are essentially choosing between buying one finely crafted product or half a dozen mass-manufactured goods, right? Well, when it comes to choosing between quality and quantity, we strongly advise you to pick quality because at the end of the day, you will be able to cherish your investment for much longer.

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