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How to Care for Your Leather Accessories?


Leather is luxury; it needs to be treated like one as well. Authentic leather goods are like investments, very profitable investment that never gets sour if you care for it exceptionally. When you care for your leather pieces impeccably, it remains soft as well as supple like the first day of manufacturing. You can easily care for your leather good if you only know the tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks to Maintain Your Leather Goods:

•    If you maintain and clean your leather every six months, you can extend the life of your leather goods.

•    Arid temperature and climate can affect leather in an adverse way. You need to condition your leather goods to make it stay soft and keep away the cracking.

•    Human skin and animal skin are the same, even after manufacturing it retains the likes of real skin. It needs moisture as soon as it starts to feel dry.

•    Vegetable tanned goods made out of genuine leather need conditioning, to maintain their oily as well as rich look.

•    Leather needs to be washed by either hand or a cleaned with a damp cloth, it can’t be washed in a machine.

•    When keeping a pen or anything that might leak, in a leather bag or leather jacket’s pocket, make sure its properly capped. Leather gets stained very easily.

•    Never clean your leather goods with alcohol, mineral spirits or turpentine. For authentic and genuine leather products use proper Leather Care products. They might be a bit expensive, but since genuine leather is a huge investment and lasts a lifetime, this might feel a good investment. Leather caring products preserve the shine as well as helps it stay as good as new for longer.

•    If you are moving or you need to store your leather goods, be it a bag or a piece of furniture, store it in a cool place. It should be stored away from direct sunlight as well as in a low humid environment. Direct light and heat from the sun will dry out your leather and dull its color.

•    Keep spills in check, in case of a major spill of any kind of liquid, mop as much water as you can with a soft dry cloth, and let it air dry. Do not use an abrasive cloth and rub on it.

•    Always apply cleaning and conditioning products with a clean and soft cotton cloth.

Conclusion:Leather goods are expensive; they need perfect handling. Competent care can make your goods last a lifetime.

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