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Contemplating the Costs: Eco-Vegan Leather Vs Responsibly Sourced Leather


Modern shoppers are always caught up with the dilemmas of shopping for vegan brands, which are often perceived as being friendlier for the environment as well. However, once we start exploring the myths and realities behind how vegan products are actually manufactured, we quickly realized that all vegetarian leather products are not necessarily beneficial for the environment or the human body for that matter.

Instead, ethically sourced leather is a safer and versatile product that is devoid of the guilt of cruelty and allows you to own a product of bespoke quality.

Is Vegan Really Eco-Friendly?

While we manage to rescue the animal kingdom from brutal processes of hide retrieval and leather manufacturing, the vegan alternatives of pineapple leather, plastic leather, cork, upcyled leather and other varieties are also harming the environment. Plastic leather may be a good alternative, cheaper too, but the terrible leather tanning techniques used by most vegan brands, especially lab grown leather varieties, are infused with toxic chemicals.

Most commonly, these leather varieties are soaked in a hazardous chemical, chromium, which not only harms the skin and respiratory system leading to deforming birth defects, but also, cause harm to the water supply and marine life.

Harmful Chemicals & Toxins

Leather is naturally and authentically animal-based product, and despite all the vegan alternatives out there, it is important to realize that technological advances, all other options of leather are exposed to chemicals in some part of the process. Even though vegan leather is devoid of animals and animal cruelty, it is loaded with chemicals.

The most popular vegan leather variety is manufactured polyurethane, which is plastic-based synthetic material produced from fossil fuels, which release toxins towards the end of their lifespan. Polyurethane emits harmful toxins throughout the manufacturing process and even after consumption, hence, vegan products are not friendly for the environmental at all. 

Helping Poor Farmers

Ethically sourced and fine quality genuine leather is a product that we must all strive to obtain not just because it is a premium investment and luxury symbol, but more importantly, because it allows us to contribute to the poor farmers in developing nations who are a part of the economic culture of raising livestock farms.We provide our consumers ethically sourced and cruelty-free leather that aids in generating a source of income for poor families that rely on farming for their income, and do not have many other income sources except for agriculture and livestock farming.

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