11 reasons to gift handmade this year


Here are 11 reasons why handmade gifts are dope.

1.    It’s pretty Unique:

Handmade gifts are like fingerprints; one of a kind. They can’t be duplicated, they are unique, and they matter more.

2.    Thoughtful:

You know you can always take the easy path, and get a store-bought gift, but where is the fun in that. Handmade gifts are thoughtful; it means you have made an effort and not just thrown money.

3.    Time and Effort:

You get in your car, reach the store, pick a gift, got it wrapped, and you are done. Whereas, handmade is, you think about what to make, sit and list down all supplies, get the supplies, put time and effort in making the gift, wrap it and then you are done. A day well spent I would say. We are sure it will be highly appreciated.

4.    Proves that you care:

Anyone can go out and buy a gift, but not all can make one. Since it takes so much time and effort, you don’t do it for everyone.

5.    Personal emotions:

When you love someone or care about deeply, you want to make them feel extra special. You want them to feel the love and emotions you feel. This can only be done with something handmade. The price of the gift is nothing compared to the effort that goes in it.

6.    Creativity:

The height of creativity is a handmade gift; there is nothing that reflects love and care than a handmade gift.

7.    Treasured Possession:

Handmade gifts are something of a dearly treasured possession. The Mother’s Day drawing that you may get from your kid, becomes your most treasured gift, more or less like that, or even better.

8.    Less Expensive

Despite the value, you add to the gift by putting all the time and effort. Comparatively, it’s still cheaper than a store-bought gift that is cold and has fewer emotions.

9.    Sentimental value:

A store-bought gift may have monetary value, but a handmade one has sentimental values, I know I’d prefer the later any day.

10.    Personalization:

Ready-made, store-bought items don’t have all you need, only the handmade of has personalization options. This is what makes them unique.

11.    No more repeats:A person who may have everything is hard to shop for, what do you get such a person? Well, you don’t get them anything you make them something.

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